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Senior Profile: Calvin Grover '22

Senior Profile: Calvin Grover '22

Calvin Grover is a four-year senior hailing from Norway, Maine. To say he took Hebron by storm is an understatement! He is an avid mountain biker and alpine skier, racing all four years at Hebron. Calvin’s opinion is that he really only participated in mountain biking for three and a half years due to breaking his collarbone in a “really dramatic and cool crash.” When Hebron adopted the Roundsquare program, Calvin became its leading proponent. In the first year, he traveled to Peru and participated in the “Together into the Unknown” conference. For the past three years he has been the student coordinator. Calvin just returned from New York City with the Hebron Model UN delegation that represented Kenya. He has served on the class council for four years and is the current senior class president.

Looking back on his Hebron career, Calvin’s truly memorable classroom experiences were in AP Bio with Dr. Swenton and Honors American Lit with Mrs. Waterman. He loved the content of the classes and the inspirational teachers. 

Some of Calvin’s favorite Hebron memories are a result of him taking steps outside his comfort zone. One specific recollection was when he ice-climbed Mt. Washington. Calvin has a passion for photography and filmmaking, and he documented the experience. Other memories are “hanging out with my amazing friends.”  His favorite road trip was with his fellow “science nerds” on a trip to Vermont with Dr. Swenton. 

Calvin has been accepted to Princeton for the fall where he will study Public Policy and Environmental Studies. His future plans are to change the world!