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Planned Giving

Here, philanthropic gift plans take shape, and conversation regarding your beneficence toward the School is initiated. Gift Planning offers a number of creative and flexible ways for alumni, parents and friends to support the Academy while making use of available tax benefits. Please contact Pat Layman at 207-966-5236 or at to answer any questions that you or your advisors may have.

If you have already established an estate gift plan for Hebron, we encourage you to submit the Planned Gift Intention Form either online or by mail. 

We look forward to working with you, not only in achieving your philanthropic goals but also in realizing Hebron’s strategic vision.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

The Franklin Society

The Franklin Society pays tribute to the thoughtful gift intentions of Hebron’s most loyal supporters.


Meet the Members of the Franklin Society

Mr. G. William Allen, 1962    
Mr. John C. Andrews, Jr., 1948    
Mr. David L. Babson        
Mr. Donald E. Bates, 1962    
Mr. Herbert A. Black II, 1949    
Mr. Albert R. Blacky, 1939    
Mr. Peter B. Boody, 1969    
Henry H. Booth, Esq., 1953    
J. Reeve Bright, Esq., 1966    
Mr. Philip H. Chadbourne, 1920    
Mr. David Christison, Estate, 1938    
The Hon. F. Davis Clark, 1934  
Mr. Keith Clark, 1958    
Mr. Ralph A. Corbett, 1925    
Mr. Kennedy Crane III, 1958    

Ms. Trudy P. Crane        
Mrs. Henrietta P. Crane, Estate       
Mrs. Anne Davis, 1928    
Mr. Wilfred S. Davis, 1928    
Mrs. Maida S. Demos        
Dr. Theodore Neil Divine, 1955    
Mr. Blaine E. Eynon, Jr., 1965    
Mr. Peter G. Fallon, Jr.        
Mr. Jose W. Fenderson, Esq., Estate, 1933    
Mrs. Marjorie Forbes, 1938    
Mrs. Alice W. Forester  
Mr. Richard S. Forte, 1962    
Mrs. Elizabeth Friend       
Mr. James H. Galli, Estate, 1938   
Mr. John R. Giger, 1964    
Gordon M. Gillies, Esq., 1962    
Mr. James A. Gillies III, 1955    
Mr. Robert I. Glass, 1950    
Mr. Richard W. Goode, 1935    

Mr. Paul S. Goodof, 1967    
Mrs. Elinor Goodwin       
Mr. Ralph A. Gould, Jr., 1941    
Dr. Robert C. Greaves, 1982    
Mrs. Nellie E. Hankins, 1921    
Mr. John Hankins, 1921    
Mr. Stephen E. Hawkes, 1957    
Mr. Willis Hay, 1932    

Mr. James B. Hill II, 1990    
Dr. William C. Hiss        
Mr. Joseph B. Hodgkins II, 1963    
Mrs. Susan Y. Hoeller        
Mr. Joseph F. Holman, Trust, 1943    
Mr. George S. Hosmer, Jr., Estate, 1939    

Ms. Kimberly C. Housman, 1989    
Dr. Edgar A. Hultgren, Estate, 1939    
Mr. Stephen B. Jeffries, 1979    
Mr. David E. Jessich, 1971    
Mr. Edward A. Johnson, 1949    
Mr. Stephen W. Lane, 1962    
Mrs. Rosamond A. Lownes        
Mrs. Margery L. MacMillan      
Mr. C. Michael Malm, 1960    
Mr. C. Arthur Mayo, 1932    
Mr. Robert W. McCoy, Jr., 1958    
Capt. Carlton A. K. McDonald USN, 1943    
Mr. John D. McGonagle, 1961    
Mr. Robert W. Messer II, 1905    
Mr. Donald F. Miller, Estate, 1951   
Mr. Leonard A. Mintz, 1953    
Mr. Jonathan G. Moll, 1969    
Mr. John O. Monks, 1948    
Mr. Philip H. Montgomery, 1952    
Helen Morton, Estate        
Mr. Richard E. Nickerson, Estate, 1941    

Dr. Philip B. Norton        
Mr. Karl-Heinz Nottebohm        
Mr. Edward D. Noyes III, 1958    
Mr. Payson S. Perkins, 1953    
Mr. Frederick E. Peterson, 1961    
Mr. John W. Powell, 1935    
Marjorie P. Powell, Estate, 1935  
Robert F. Preti, 1942    
Mr. Walter M. Ray II        
Mr. Robert J. Raymond, 1955    
Mrs. Mary Rea       
Mr. Robert P. Rich, Jr., 1949    
Mr. Dean E. Ridlon, 1953    
Mrs. Barbara Rowell, 1943    
Mr. James E. Salisbury        
Mr. Mark J. Savran, 1972    
Mr. John A. Schaff, 1961    
Mrs. Myrtle M. Sherman        
Mrs. Vera Simmons   
Mr. Stephen L. Smith        
Mr. Andrew O. Smith, 1980    
Mr. Richard H. Sprince, 1943    
Mr. Roger F. Stacey, 1961    
Mr. Warren W. Stearns, 1928    
Mrs. Heather Fremont-Smith Stephens    
Mr. Kelso F. Sutton, 1957    
Mr. Ken C. Sweezey, 1963    
Mr. Thomas W. Thompson, 1966    
Dr. Molly B. Turlish        
Mr. Edmond Vachon        
Mrs. Ruth P. Vail, 1926    
Mr. Eugene L. Vail, 1926   
Mr. C. Thomas Van Alen, 1956    
Mr. Paul M. Wagner, Estate, Jr., 1939    
Mr. Robert E. Waite, 1968    
Mr. Richard S. Waxman, 1964    
Mr. Jeffrey Weber        
Mr. Ralph H. Wells, 1950    
Mr. Neal L. Whitman, 1939  
Mr. David J. Williams, 1960    
Mr. William P. Witter, 1982    
Mr. Jay L. Woolsey, Estate      
Mr. Kenneth P. Wright, 1926    
Mrs. Welthy B. Wright, 1926


*Members in italics are deceased

Report of Giving

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Dean Ridlon '53 - Member of the Hebron Academy Franklin Society