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The Arts

What shape does that canvas take? Do you have rhythm?
Explore your inner artist in the beautiful, historic
Lepage Center for the Arts.
The beauty of the arts is there's room to grow. Whether you're a budding artist or an accomplished musician, there's always something new to try.

Art exploration and instruction is available at all levels at Hebron Academy, beginner to Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) level. Test your comfort zone by being in the all school musical or bring finesse to your digital photography! Opportunities are endless in the arts at Hebron.

At Hebron we offer classes with all levels of instruction, along with open studio hours to work on a project of your own devising or with a group. Private music lessons, practice rooms, and all the resources you need to experience the joy of creativity are at your fingertips.

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Who knows - you may be the next feature at a Musical Monday performance, part of an art opening in the Hupper Gallery or published in Etchings, the Literary Arts magazine.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Middle School Arts

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