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Discover the beauty of music making...

Exploration, diligence and focused practice are at the foundation of our music and performing arts at Hebron. The Lepage Center is accessible for one-on-one lessons and individual practice in addition to the many rehearsal opportunities throughout the class day. The many rigorous courses, individual lessons and ensembles are the environment for experimentation as well as a time to hone the necessary skills for excellence that are so essential for a strong performance.

Hebron’s orchestra celebrates over 30 musicians, and our jazz ensemble, an a cappella group, and chorus are fully subscribed with talent. Our all-school musical welcomes every member of the Hebron community to join, including faculty. Students have numerous opportunities for sharing their work, including Musical Mondays at school meeting, receptions and formal events, all-school concerts and celebrations, and state competitions and festivals. Many students arrive playing only one instrument or playing or singing nothing at all, and often take on a whole new experience.

Share Your Talent

Performance Opportunities

The Hebron campus offers numerous opportunities for Upper School student musicians to perform during the academic year, including:

  • Musical Mondays - brief, yet intimate musical samplings offered on Mondays at school meeting, performed by groups or individuals
  • Special occasions - receptions on campus, Admissions events, formal dinners, the pit orchestra for the all-school musical (an Academy highlight), off-campus competitions and festivals
  • Ensembles - chorus, orchestra, jazz band, Hebegeebees, or the newest addition: Hebron's string quartet
  • Assemblies - Vespers, the Spring Concert and the fall Holiday Concert

An Inspiring Curriculum

In addition to being a co-curricular activity, music also forms the core of Hebron's academic Fine Arts program. The following courses are offered:

  • Music Theory
  • AP Music Theory
  • Audio Production & Recording
  • Chorus
  • Orchestra
  • The Art of Voice

For more information on these courses, please visit our Curriculum page.