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Performances on Hebron's stage integrate life, literacy, learning, and community - and celebrate the strong character development that is a hallmark of Hebron's educational experience.

Student dramatic performances are one of the highlights of the year, both in the Middle and Upper Schools. Three out of four Hebron students have played a role in at least one Hebron production. The all-school musical takes place near the end of winter term, and is supported by faculty directors, student and professional musicians, and a core group of committed Upper School thespians.

Middle Schoolers take the stage in March or April with their annual production. In the spring, Upper School students cast, direct, and produce one-act plays.

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Being part of the musical was a surprising Hebron highlight. We were all backstage waiting for the curtain to go up. And whether you were a lead or a basketball player like me, just wanting to have fun and try something new, at that moment we were all equal in our nervousness and excitement to do something big.