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Hebron Academy Virtual Admissions

Although we would much rather meet you in person, we are pleased to welcome you to the Hebron Academy Virtual Admissions Hub. 

We hope that the information you find here - and throughout our website - will help give you a glimpse into the unique, supportive, and unforgettable campus experience that our Hebron Lumberjacks are part of every day.

In these challenging times we want you to know that we are - and always will be - here for you as you look towards the future. We are happy to help answer questions, or provide support through your school search process.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team of Admissions professionals.

Hebron Awaits

It's time to Find Your Purpose

Now is the time to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead.
Hebron is the perfect place to pursue your passion, explore new boundaries and Find Your Purpose in our community.


Visit our campus from the comfort of your own home

Being part of the Hebron Academy community means having access to the amazing natural surroundings of our extensive campus - and way beyond. 

Although you may not be able to visit us in person right now, but that doesn't have to stop you from taking a look around our fabulous school. 


A World of New Experiences Await

Campus Life

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Student Talk

What Lumberjacks really think

Got a Question? Ask a Student!

Touring prospective new students around the campus is a role that our Lumberjacks love.  Our students are always excited - and proud - to show prospective students around their school. 

So even though that they can't meet you in person right now, they've put together a range of answers to questions that families often ask.  


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Hebron ACADEMY is really like!

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Six key values of a private school education

Understanding the true value of private school education, and what sets an independent school experience apart, is key to determining if it will be the right education choice for your family.

Download our helpful guide 'The 6 Reasons Why it Pays to Pay' and explore the value of a private school education.

Experiencing the Value First Hand

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Lumberjacks learning, connecting & thriving - apart but always together