Boarding and Day · Co-ed College Prep · Grades 6–12 & Postgraduate · Hebron, Maine

Q. What is the teaching style like?
Q. What is the food like?
Q. How much homework do you get?
Q. How much free time is there and what do you do in your free time?
Q. What is the best school spirit event?
Q. What was orientation like and how quickly until you felt like you got to know people?
Q. What’s it like having a roommate?
Q. Are the rules very strict?
Q. How many dances are there and do people like to go?
Q. How cold does it really get?
Q. What are the best things to do on the weekend?
Q. What is the culture around sports?
Q. What’s your favorite class and why?
Q. What’s it like on your best day? How about on your worst day?
Q. What’s the essential “must bring” thing to be sure you have on campus?
Q. Do kids get along or is it cliquey?