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Boarding and Day · Co-ed College Prep · Grades 6–12 & Postgraduate · Hebron, Maine


Preparing students for the future.

In order to equip our students to be innovators and leaders in this unprecedented age of global change, we offer the E.D.I.E. (Engineering, Design, Innovation, Entrepreneurship) Pathway. In this unique and holistically interdisciplinary curriculum, we immerse students in our area’s landscape, heritage, and experiences to provide tangible opportunities to solve problems related to technology, community-building, ecology, food systems, and health and wellness. Students are empowered to engineer change in our local community and take the skills they have attained with them as they move onto college, careers, and lives as global citizens. The curriculum’s purposeful focus on sustainability allows students to connect with nature and be more aware of their roles as stewards of the Earth and its natural resources.

How E.D.I.E Works


The E.D.I.E. Pathway is a multi-year curriculum that begins with E1 classes, which provide a foundational experience in collaboration, the design cycle, critical thinking, and independent problem solving. 


Students progress to E2: Engineering and Design, in which students learn the engineering cycle through the lens of disciplines such as mechanical engineering in addition to a number of technical skills related to, for example, circuitry, CAD programs, drafting, reporting, robotics, and programming. 


In the E3 year students may choose a path based upon interest in refined technological engineering or else social innovation, in which the principles of engineering and design are applied to solve social and environmental issues. In addition, students shadow professionals engaged in engineering solutions the students approximate in the school lab.


In the capstone E4 year, students pursue internships with local industrial partners or else engineer solutions to problems within our own community.